“I saw this eye...and I asked who it was. The answer was something akin to God, but not God like I thought it should be. 

Beyond that...and I was just so overcome.”

Over the course of time, meditation has moved from an activity relegated to sages, sadhus and mystics as a way to reach a state of divine communion to a modern panacea for all that ails a harried world.

Meditation, like other rituals, attempts to create a space for stillness. It has been long-held that the practice of stillness brings one to a centered state and is the root to accessing the divine. Transcending Meditation offers the opportunity to experience the state of Samadhi—divine connection—through your very own center instantaneously.

Transcending Meditation is offered in the form of traditional Sufi sobhet—conversation and energetic communion. This experience often brings spontaneous satori and the recognition that divine union does not require practice or prerequistes. You will reach a state of consciousness connected with a state of peace, a knowing of all that is, and leave with the capacity to access that knowing--a distinct, tangible, palpable feeling--in the midst of chaos, to bring you into full connection, instant calm and clarity.

In addition to the mental clarity, emotional release, and physical healing are part of the experience for many.  It is simple, powerful, and allows you to bring the Infinite from the Mystery into modern daily life with ease, comfort and lasting effect. 

This session is for all ages (clarification: children must be old enough to sit still and be quiet surrounded by a group of people.  If your child hasn’t reached that stage, it’s not a good idea to bring them).  You are asked to dress in comfortable layers and bring something that will help you be comfortable on the floor or, if mobility is limited, in a chair.  Water is a good idea and many people find it useful to have a journal with them.

I don’t even know how to describe this or her. She’s just a force of nature beyond anything I thought was real. Because this is real. And she is real and it doesn’t make sense. I wish I’d found her earlier.

Even if I don’t get it.

Transcending Meditation


Ingrid Oliphant:

Seer, shaman, weaver, wisdom-keeper

Walking with Ancestors & the Ancients