This healing work is trauma-informed & involves somatic, neurobiological processes that are not related to any doctrine and the belief in any is unnecessary. But, because we happen to be infinitely more than physical bodies maneuvering through mental processes & emotional muddlings, there is an inherent spiritual aspect of this work. At its most simple, this work creates a unification of mind, body, & soul or spirit--that aspect of ourself that exists beyond the boundaries of skin & knowledge.

Here, though, soul is not separate from other components of ourselves or the universe--it’s not been lost and does not need saving. It is an integrated aspect of being that bridges the mind and body and imbues them each with the deep, enriching capacity to see ourselves and others as part of a larger, connected human experience. Spirit as used in this work is merely a word to describe otherwise indescribable things of the often invisible universe. It does not imply hierarchy, bureaucratic divisions, or boundaries.

John Keats has described soul-making as this:  the mysterious, continuous revision of our image that is both collective & uniquely individual, that happens outside & inside time and space; that is both the ocean we all inhabit & each singular droplet-self.  Rumi calls those of us who guide the motions of energy that’s given soul artists.

I call the experience of the energy I guide as soul-shaking. It is a tangible, palpable experience that defies all rational explanation and archetypal identification that can shake people to their very core. All things unnecessary beyond that core, that soul, shake loose while the core itself is strengthened.  Chronic pain, physical illness, and symptoms of mental illness are some of the extraneous that fall away.  Behavioral and thought patterns that no longer serve us, too, vanish--sometimes with a little practice and sometimes with none. 

Those who have experienced it call it Living Manna, the Breath of Life, a living expression of the Breath between the Breath. It is about creating a deep connection to one’s self in preparation for deepening connections with others and the Infinite.

We tend to think of ‘healing’ as a personal, singularly individual journey.  However, the personal physical & emotional transformation through this experience is Unity Consciousness--living connection--in action, in the raw.  It brings to each person a clear, distinct and, ultimately, fully-integrated awareness of the connection to each living being as well as health.

Everyone experiences the energy differently. Each session is different, each experience with spirit different. Sometimes healing & awakening is profound & instantaneous.  Sometimes subtle & through gradual, guided metamorphosis. 

It’s not New-Agey; it’s of the Ages.  It does not require belief or faith. It does not interfere with any belief or faith. It’s only magic is in its simplicity. And it is of that for which there are no words.

I breathe and initiate the unveiling.  I breathe and your world changes.  Profoundly.

This is my Gift to you.

"That is the real spiritual awakening, when something emerges from within you that is deeper than who you thought you were. So, the person is still there, but one could almost say that something more powerful shines through the person."

~ Eckhart Tolle

“This is the Feminine Christ.”

”I now have no pain. None.

Gone just like that.”

“I just felt like I was expanded into the size of the Universe.”

“It was as if you were actually ‘in’ me.”

Ingrid is the real deal. She has real hands of light & her healing abilities are as real as the sun and moon! She has a gift that cannot be explained easily as nothing short of a miraculous healing ability. I, too, have felt it personally. ~ Jackie Johnson


Ingrid Oliphant:

Seer, shaman, weaver, wisdom-keeper

Walking with Ancestors & the Ancients