“And in the heart of it, the 'longest' part, the second, the one that frankly was one of those experiences that is a glimpse of our birthright, my birthright, THE birthright.  

You know, for awhile I was really into reading those accounts of people who'd been through NDEs.. And what all those NDE accounts share in common is arriving in a state of being in the presence of 100 percent, unconditional love.  Those experiences tend to change people forever - depending on what baggage they had pre-NDE, of course, they emerge with a knowledge they can never NOT have ever again.  An experience of feeling that there really is ONLY love ever going on all the time - and that anything that didn't look like love or feel like love, well, it needs to be looked at again.  Or perhaps understood to be something that wasn't worthy of their attention at all.  

THAT feeling - of a sustained sense that was something like "lucid dreaming" (but it wasn't dreaming) with the experience of being absolutely surrounded by and infused with love . . . that's what happened on your table.”

“There's an interesting new smoooooooothness that's evident. That's what I'm sensing more than anything. The highs aren't so high and the lows aren't so low - there's a pleasant even-ness.  What is it Ramana Maharshi said?  "Calm is higher than ecstasy"??  Something like that.  I don't mean a dull monotone kind of thing at all - not at all.  But as though the center of me is spinning like a perfectly centered spinning top - a nice hummmmmmm of dynamic stillness.”

“I was breathing God.”

I swear I look in the mirror and see a different person. Like, seriously, my face is different. Approaching things differently and noticing how the effects are on me, so much better. Lots of other synchronous messages came through afterward too (just random things here & there but totally resonating). I still can't get over yesterday; that was a completely profound experience. You pulled the pin out! I can't thank you enough!! ~ M.R.

... there is NO MISTAKING the results. For weeks after my session with you, I was clothed in the most extraordinary peace, grace and love. I had no fear whatsoever. The incessant negative chatter running through my head was GONE. I cannot recall a time when I had such clarity! I had the utmost love for everyone, even the ones I had believed had hurt me in the past. I was floating on air. I even saw colors differently...it's hard to explain, but they were more vibrant...shimmery? It was the most beautiful thing. That's really the best I can describe it, but even this doesn't really do it justice. Perhaps it's difficult to describe because for this there really are no adequate words. You just have to experience it. I am so grateful for that day..." ~ Julie West

It’s hard to express the power of the session I had with Ingrid but I'm going to give it a shot. But first, a little background. I have spent the last year and a half or so on a bit of a spiritual journey/personal exploration -- trying to get at the root of my various issues, understand negative relationship patterns, and deep-rooted insecurities -- basically working to become “conscious."  It's been quite a journey that has involved therapy, journaling, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, reiki, taking up yoga, meditation, and seeing various mediums, tarot readers and other intuitive practitioners, not to mention a lot of introspection.  All of these people (whom I lovingly call my "team") were/are amazing and contributed tremendously to my making significant gains in understanding who I am, where my beliefs/emotions come from, and helping me understand, forgive and finally quiet the fear-based internal chatter that permeated my reality.


Yet, no matter how much healing I did on my own or with my team, there was still a tiny sorrowful piece of me, a piece that stubbornly refused to let go of the old, a piece of my heart that wouldn't be healed, that refused to believe the truths I had learned and refused to trust in the universe. It was my frustration with this lack of trust and with myself that prompted me to see Ingrid for some assistance. Thank God I did.


After ONE in-person healing session with her, all the work, learning, praying, introspection, insights and grace I've worked so hard to acquire over the last year and a half suddenly became real; just clicked into place (I liken it to solving a Rubik’s Cube) and fully integrated into my consciousness.  I’m not saying everything is perfect, I’m human after all, I have my ups and downs like everyone else. But the pervasive disconnect and nagging loneliness that has haunted me my whole life is simply gone. Now I feel calm; like I can truly breathe and trust in the universe, and have acquired a "knowing" that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. I don’t know exactly how or what happened )it feels like lingering past traumas were finally healed and stubborn blocks were finally cleared) but I do know it was as a result of my session with Ingrid. For that I am truly grateful.


If you have ANY kind of issue that you’re dealing with, emotional or physical, big or small, I urge you to go see her and go NOW (heck, even if you don’t, I urge you to go see her, after all, the more healing and loving energy we have on this earth, the better for all of us, right?). Because I can assure you, if my experience is any indication, it will be an almost inexplicably profound, life-changing experience for you and will make changes that will resonate with you for the rest of your life.  My gratitude goes out to Ingrid and the force that put me on a path to connect with her and imbued her with this gift and the generosity to share it. Jessica ~ Arlington, VA

"I continue to feel clearer pathways to understanding-both sleeping and waking.” 

D Wilson, Washington DC

"Although being able to talk to my therapist has done wonders to clear my thoughts, I credit the session yesterday with you for allowing me to feel almost "new."  In this lifetime, I've experienced NOTHING more powerful than the healing and enlightening energy the two of us were graced with yesterday."  Jackie Johnson, Woodville VA

“ I’m glad I went into this with no expectations because there is NO way anyone could expect that!”  SC, Delaplane VA

“Ingrid will tell you that she doesn’t have a message.  She does.  It’s to hear the unique message of your own voice in your own way.  Past all the ‘laws’, ‘rules’, rituals, and others’ expectations.  Once you’ve had the experience of yourself in the way she shows you, it’ll all make sense.”

“WOW - Ingrid! Your caring, loving, and amazing healing gift of yesterday is still working through us - such a blessing and so truly profound. Much more to say when back in our bodies more - still feeling the lightening bolts with silver linings flowing through our home. Cannot thank you enough for all the feelings physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually that you have brought forth for us and the extra benefit of our dogs joining in - so many feelings manifesting by the hour - will share more later - blessings abound. Again your healing touch was absolutely divine and greatly greatly appreciated.” ~ J. Polk, Stanardsville, VA 

“My sessions with Ingrid have helped me open up to the Miracle of my own life, Universe, and all the Miracles that are my birthright in this World. Her gift she shares so openly with others is a powerful catalyst . I have never known the magnitude of Love that I have awakened to within my very being. I AM transforming my life into what it is meant to be. She truly enables the Divine Purpose of the Universe to unfold. ”~ S McGinnis, Warrenton, VA

“In one meeting: explaining the unexplained spiritual experiences of my life. Calming knowledge, guidance and assurance as how to proceed more fully into the spirituality of my soul and the souls around me. A discovery of my essence and what I am to do.” --Dan Barney, ret. NASA engineer

“Ingrid’s teachings, although she seems afraid to say that she is teaching, will threaten, for many, their established conclusions of Universal or spiritual laws. When she pushes you past your boundaries, preconceived notions and limitations (particularly those that we’ve adopted from others)--past what we think we know--life just somehow opens up!”

You opened a space, an intimate space, where we could experience our own Truth and  soul journey--that dissolved into timelessness. In the intensity of the peace, all the fear and pain just burned away.  Everything was benefitting from my release.”

“I've been feeling quite happy and open since our last session -- more shifts in the direction of softening and loosening up, and also on standing in and speaking from my integrated power...

“I feel I'm at the precipice of some kind of change, and am hanging on to what is known, even as my discomfort with it is more apparent.  I’ve felt subtle shifts from the work that are very important and profound for me--internal expansion, a sense of slowing down, sadness but less of the gripping fear.  I feel more centered in me, less needy & alone and more love for myself.” ~ Beth Willis, PhD, therapist

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