We’re on a mission to:

  1. make healing accessible to anyone who desires it

  2. heal as many people I can where ever they are on their path

  3. be the vanguard that moves non-medical healing into the discussion of modern wellness and    

       health-care reform, past metaphysical mumbo-jumbo, spiritual scariness, pseudo-science &   


  1. challenge the current paradigms related to psychic phenomena and move them into a new era

  2. help people redefine matters of spirit for themselves and unlearn patterns and processes that

       no longer serve them              

This energetic or spiritual healing can both cure disease and disorders as a stand-alone intervention and in conjunction with allopathic medicine. It does not require one to believe in or be on any spiritual path and that it also doesn’t require one to believe in the processes themselves (although that certainly does help one engage in those same processes). 

This is for everyone without any other requirement other than need or desire. And although I define this work as immeasurable, inspired love in action, the results can (and have been) measured and replicated around the world I also know that this expression of energy is irreducible as well as understandable when removed from romanticized, twisted, subverted and over-complicated language.

We want to move us past the taboo and ridicule of ‘healing’ into a culture that sees it as not just plausible but as real, as effective, worthy of consideration for the care and cure of physical and mental illness, communal disconnection; as well as resolution of emotional disturbance and spiritual limitation. As western culture begins to explore the limitations of the current medical model, as we become more able to access information and other people’s experiences around the globe, and as we learn more about the interaction between physicality and other forms of energy, there is an enormous opportunity to join and even direct aspects of the discussions related to all sorts of paradigm shifting.

Transforming this kind of work requires me to remove healing from the type of language mentioned above and to operate with transparency, authenticity, open dialogue and a willingness to, as best I’m able, to articulate my knowings and my not knowing. Part of this means speaking out when people are taken advantage of, when harm is caused even by the well-meaning, and by creating opportunities for peace as well as the dissolution of comfortable ideas.

I move forward with this because I believe it is a key aspect of moving past healing as focused on the individual’s health and wellness but about community wholeness.

I often have difficulty engaging in language people are accustomed to in expressing myself and the work.  Bear with me when I sound more like a sailor on leave rather than sophisticated. My experience is unique, is influenced by those knowings of ancients who walk with me, and the awareness that existing dialogue cannot quite capture either of them.

"If you have not personally experienced hands-on healing of this sort, and you're in need of physical, emotional or spiritual uplifting and/or healing - you may want to go outside your comfort zone a bit to take advantage of Ingrid's healing presence.  She is indeed a wonder and has truly been graced with a gift to assist and heal others.  And to add even more to all of this - she's an extremely entertaining, friendly, compassionate and sensitive human being."


"Driven by the forces of love, the fragments of the world seek each other so that the world may come into being. Love alone is capable of uniting living beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them, for it alone takes them and joins them by what is deepest in themselves."

~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Ingrid Oliphant:

Seer, shaman, weaver, wisdom-keeper

Walking with Ancestors & the Ancients