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What kinds of things have been healed?

The variety of illness & dis-ease have been eliminated either spontaneously or over the course of a short amount of time include:



        TBI-related issues & injuries


        Knee, rotator cuff, and other joint inflammation & damage

        Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, other autoimmune disorders


        Symptoms of PTSD and other mental illness

        Substance abuse



        Chronic pain

        Chron’s, IBS and other gastrointestinal issues

        Diabetes (cat)


        Lyme (humans, dogs & horses)

        Paralysis (dog)



        Osteosarcoma (dog)

        Prostate cancer (dog)

Why are your sessions three hours long?   

Is this for me?

Yes, but... 

I like to think it’s for everyone.  The truth is that’s not alway the case. I’m the best fit for those who are ready for more than ‘baby steps’, have an understanding that this isn’t superficial work--we go to the depths within the Self and beyond it; know that old narratives no longer serve them, and are ready to move forward with sense of curiosity & adventure.  It’s worth a discussion to see if this is for you.

And, in all honesty, I’m not for everyone.  I don’t communicate in memes or self-help, spiritual keywords.  In fact, I sound more like George Carlin than anyone’s guru.  My experience and expressions of the universe come from a deep knowing that others don’t, well, know.  And, I’ve grown past being afraid that people can’t handle the truth as I’m called to share with them so I no longer measure my language or the stream of consciousness as it flows through me. I am cheerleader, hand-holder and ass-kicker as needed.  When you work with me, you get all three. For more, go here.

What are some common experiences?

Everyone comes to see me for different reasons and experiences the energies differently.  When I began this work three years ago, people initially came to address physical issues but that has morphed.  The majority of the people coming to me the past year are working through emotional & mental health issues (often attached to physical illness), dealing with newly found psychic gifts, & learning how to hone those gifts.  A significant portion of those that come actually verbalize they don’t know why they are coming to see me, only that they need to. 

Recently, there are shared experiential themes:  a tangible, physical & visual integration of what some call the Christ Consciousness that comes in a couple of specific ways; for women, a physical sensation of being rebirthed that leads to jokes about epidurals (I’m not quite sure what that’s going to be like for men!) and the immediate release of behavioral & emotional patterns that are linked to trauma.

Has it ever not worked?

Yes. In the same manner we don’t know how this healing thing works, we don’t know why it sometimes doesn’t work. 

In addition, if the person I’m working with chooses to not follow through with lifestyle changes, homework, and other follow-through, the changes may not be permanent.

How does being a medium & channel play into this?

Sometimes it doesn’t.  When people who no longer breathe (language I use because they still live) come through, there are all sorts of reasons: to share information, to ask forgiveness, to share the experience, to experience their own healing through you, to observe.  Sometimes I ask them to leave because they are a distraction. Sometimes they have nothing to do with what we’re doing. And sometimes it’s just you and me and the universe.

For many, the interaction with a deceased family member brings the opportunity for closure, forgiveness and understanding. Things that were never said have the opportunity to be said in a safe and sacred space. 

How much do you charge?

There is no set fee for individual healing sessions.  I truly believe that this work is invaluable and priceless for those ready for it. I also believe it should be available to everyone and that shifting our view of economies and systems must begin at the grassroots level; at the place where real-life rubber hits the road. 

Give what you can. Know that your contribution will be discussed up front and that my expectation is this: 

  1. You will give enough that you have skin in the game. It will be just uncomfortable enough that you will follow through with homework and appointments but will not create hardship. It will be enough that when you try to make up an excuse for not doing homework, your own value set & inner voice will kick in to remind you of your conscious intent and investment; enough so that you will recognize your own responsibility in the healing process. 

  2. As you decide how much you will pay, you’ll decide how you value your physical, emotional and mental well-being and you will understand that this is my ‘real’ and only job. My only purpose is to heal and that’s where I dedicate my time, energy and focus--on the healing relationship and the community. You’ll be aware that, in the old days and ways, healers were supported by the community so they could freely support the community as and when needed. You’ll also be aware that some people truly can only share from their garden or specialized skill set and others pay more to support the those in that situation.

If you need help figuring out what is appropriate, consider that some other healers & medical intuitives charge up to $400 for 30 minutes; a Navajo hatali would expect up to $300; the average initial 50 minute visit to the psychiatrist is $275; the average nail job or salon cut & style in the US is about $45.

The average payment is $150. That means sometimes people pay $500 and sometimes people cannot pay a thing.

If you cannot pay more than $35, we will discuss what talent, skill, or other awesomeness you can trade. I will work in exchange for carpentry, art, car repair, lawn & cleaning services, professional hair care, sewing and more.

Full money payment or a signed exchange agreement will be expected either before the session or at the time of the session.

Other kinds of work do have set fees. Except for active and veteran military service personnel and first responders. All services are free for them.

    Spiritual direction and readings:  $85 for one hour, $120 for two

Payment is required before the work or at the time of the appointment. Credit cards are accepted via Paypal. 

If you are unsure if working with me suits you or where to begin, feel free to send an email to schedule a telephone conversation about it.

How many times do people see you?

Sometimes once and never again. Everyone’s experience and needs are different but I generally recommend that most people see me three times in rather quick succession (usually with a two-week separation between sessions) rather than healer-hop when the expected outcome doesn’t manifest within or shortly after one session.  It is rare that anyone needs to see me for more than three times--unless they just want to come play in the yum!

Do you do distance/remote work? 

Yes.  The only other thing I ask is that you connect with me (preferably by phone or Skype) so we can schedule some time for you to unplug the phone, disconnect from electronics and be comfortably still.  All remote work is done telepathically, not electronically.

Will you work with my physician or therapist?

Absolutely!  There are some people working through challenges for whom I require a signed release of information so we can work together as a team. 

How can I reach you?  Here.

“We don't heal in isolation, but in community.”

S. Kelley Harrell


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