There is no philosophy to preach, no product to sell. 

I don’t use the language of theologies or mysteries. There is no requirement of belief.

This has been called the transference of the Holy Spirit, Divine Communion, Moksha, Atman or Satori.

Each of these events are shared, unitive mystical experiences for individuals and communities.

It is for physical, emotional & spiritual healing to bring you back to joy; to bring you back to Union;

filling in the blank spaces that show you how to live as both human & divinity. 

Group work is incredibly powerful.

Individual healing & transformation begets communion & integration at every level.

After experiencing the Other with another, you can never see individuals in the same manner as before,

as separated from you.

When you are touched by Presence, love is breathed into action.

“Ingrid Oliphant delivers a powerful experience... Earthy, rich, passionate and liberating, you can't easily put this event in a box.
If you desire to experience yourself as healed, turned on and bursting with new purpose, this is something you can't miss.

Prepare to laugh, dance, cry and surrender to the rhythm of the Universe. Of the four elements, this is fire--but the kind which burns dead, stuck stuff gently and leaves you feeling free and alive.”

~ Jacob Nordby, author of The Divine Arsonist

“Transcendent, sublime, numinous...any more words diminish the power of the experience in my view.”~ Participant, Austin, TX

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Love on Fire
Ingrid Oliphant   seer, soul-shaker, mystic, magic-maker

Transcending Meditation

Past Practice and Into Presence

“Beyond words”~ Participant, San Francisco

“I would swear I saw light & fire come from her hands.  You could literally feel the energy bounce of the walls, move through us.”~ CH, Las Vegas

“Uhe’hee’.  From all my ancestors, spirit guides & my spirit.  You are a blessing.”

~ Deezbaa, San Francisco

The Gift

“She may not want the responsibility to lead us into this next age, but it’s hers nonetheless.  It’s time for her to step up and us to pay attention.”


Ingrid Oliphant:

Seer, shaman, weaver, wisdom-keeper

Walking with Ancestors & the Ancients