Remember God so much that you are forgotten.

Let the caller and the called disappear.

Be lost in the call. 

~ Rumi

Calling the Names of God is grounded in the traditions of kirtan & African call and response songs. Dervish-like musical rhythms are added as I ride the music through each individual in the group.  There is a twist, though,  that will only be revealed when we are together. 

Unlike Love on Fire, which is all about physical movement and Transcending Meditation which is all about stillness, Calling the Names may involve both.  There is no static format for this experience but active participation is required.   I will go hands on with people but there isn’t a particular ‘segment’ in which it will occur. 

The experience is one of deep connection to your deepest self, to your neighbor and to the greatest depths of the universe.  Woven throughout the sanctity of the experience is humor,  healing, heart-cracking energetic connection to all things infinite.

This experience is for all ages, faiths and lack thereof.  It’s focus is connection with the deepest self & the weaving of divine communion into one’s community. 

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Ingrid Oliphant:

Seer, shaman, weaver, wisdom-keeper

Walking with Ancestors & the Ancients